Dog training

Our approach to dog guidance consists of training and socialising dogs. During the dog training component we, together with the owner, train the dog in a positive way. We work on obedience by improving the communication between dog and owner. And learn about how to correct or prevent undesirable dog behaviour such as pulling on the leash. It also happens that we give a dog from the shelter a second chance by allowing it to attend training with us for a short period of time so that the likelihood of successfully finding a home increases substantially.

Socialisation phase

Many dogs have gone through only a short socialisation phase or none at all, in which case they don’t know how the pack functions or how to deal with other dogs. We can help them in this by using them, together with trained dogs, as a mirror in our therapy programme. This takes place under strict supervision and in the presence of the owner, who in turn is coached by our clients.


For both aspects of dog supervision (training and socialisation), it is important that the animals exhibit no aggressive behaviour: towards other animals or people.