We are proud to present to you several final projects of former course participants:


Vi Vitam

They are making use of large and small horses in the context of animal assisted therapy. The animals, which they treat with respect, are partners in a special care context. Discover what they do.

Animals in sight

Working with animals and nature is a passion for Marie Proost. ‘I am an outdoors person that engages warmly and respectfully with dogs and horses. I followed the Animal Assisted Therapy training programme.’ Marie Proost has worked for years in the welfare sector and has much experience based on her volunteer work with Hachiko (assistance dog centre in Merelbeke). Contact her for more information.

The donkey’s ear

The donkey’s ear helps children to develop based on trust, with donkeys as partner in a care process. A donkey, a child/youth, a counsellor and a donkey farm in the middle of nature: these are the building blocks used by Het Ezelsoor. At donkey farm De Hoef, a bond is created between animal and child in the natural surroundings of the Demer wetlands in Flemish Brabant. Working together, they make a difference for each other. Discover what they do.

Living among the pack

Living among the pack, living in a (blended) family, living in society, … It’s becoming increasingly difficult, increasingly complicated. The media presents to us the ideals we think we must live up to. Reality, however, is often different. Children and youth sometimes grow up in difficult situations: divorce, loss of a family member or friend, abuse, bullying, learning difficulties, being ‘different’ (ADHD, autism, …), circumstances that can lead to behavioural problems at home and/or at school. They have psychological and emotional problems and are unable to solve them without help. Discover what they do.