In 2015, we will be offering our Animal Assisted Therapy training internationally. In broad outlines, this will mirror that which is offered in the existing Flemish training programme at VSPW/Balans: a combination of a theoretical foundation, distance learning and workplace learning. The training will be based on modules.

Via NARIC, the National Academic Recognition Information Centre in Flanders, previous training can be accredited. You must have at least preliminary training in caring for youth and the disabled (or the equivalent in the psychosocial sector) in order to follow this programme.

The internationalisation of the training will be further developed in the coming months and was presented at the congress Animal Assisted Interventions International on 19 – 20 September 2014.


Patrasche Foundation International

“Patrasches” can be established throughout the world via our international training programme. Each new Patrasche starts – after completion of the training – with a quality label, valid for 1 year and renewable subject to an annual checkup with respect to content as well as form.

Thus, we wish to spread and share the idea behind our training and activities as broadly as possible. Given the success of our training programmes, the time appears right to realise this international ambition.

Given the quick evolution of developments at Patrasche, be sure to check back here regularly for updates.